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The Youth Employment in the Digital Economy project aims at supporting young adults who are looking to increase their current earning potential by guiding them through the process of identifying their next move, and acquiring the skills, training, and connections to improve their earnings. 

UNICEF, in partnership with the World Bank and the implementation of Forward MENA, launched the Enhancing Youth Employment in the 21st Century Digital Economy project on September 16th, 2022 at Beirut Digital District. 

The project, funded by the Government of Netherlands, will support marginalized young people to transition from learning to earning by building a platform that will improve labor market data, employment intermediation services, skills training, job matching, and private sector capacity building in the digital economy. 


Forastech Platform

Forastech is a platform that empowers young adults to enhance their earning potential by providing a comprehensive online solution. Forastech guides users in identifying their next career move, acquiring in-demand digital skills, gaining certificates & building connections for success. We focus on high-growth digital careers & offer a supportive and guided process to maximize the potential for development, growth & success. 

Forastech is implemented by Forward MENA with the support of UNICEF under the World Bank’s Skilling-up Lebanon initiative. Forastech is financed by the PROSPECTS program of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. 



Forward MENA in collaboration with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has conducted a study aimed at fostering the growth of remote work ecosystems in six developing countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA): Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia.  

The goal is to help transform these focus countries into talent hubs of the future, with skilled workforces fully enabled to serve large markets. Study insights will provide these countries with a roadmap for positioning their workforces and remote work ecosystems to serve clients in nearby markets looking to outsource parts of their value chain. 

It will also benefit countries with workforce shortages, allowing these “demand markets” to access skilled and abundant talent with a solid supporting ecosystem.