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The Digital Literacy Fundamental for Refugees initiative in partnership with Anera, supported refugees to develop their digital skills in order to learn how to first acquire skills and knowledge by themselves and then access job opportunities.

During these challenging times in Lebanon, youth are having a hard time accessing proper education and job opportunities. After a devastating pandemic and amid ongoing economic misery, it has become more difficult for youth to gain the digital, technical, and linguistic skills that enable them to develop academically and professionally, let alone compete in the global job market. This has created a great need for capacity-building initiatives that offer young people opportunities to learn essential skills.

For this purpose, Forward MENA, in collaboration with Anera put together an intensive course that teaches essential professional-level computer and software skills. We conducted the Core Digital Skills training in Zahle in the Bekaa Valley, Akkar, and Beddawiin northern Lebanon. In this course, we targeted young individuals and graduates with a minimum level of English language proficiency determined by a placement test. It attracted young women and men with a commitment to learning and enhancing their employability in a highly competitive global job market.

“We have seen an incredible advancement in the world we live in today,” notes Dania Jarmakani, the communications coordinator at Forward MENA. “The pace of digitization is extremely fast and youth are finding themselves not equipped with the necessary skills, especially in underprivileged communities.”